Financing options

HVAC Financing with Blue Ladder for the Atlanta area

At Blue Ladder Heating & Cooling, we understand that problems with your heating and air conditioning system can happen at unfortunate times.  This can mean that not everyone has the money saved up to pay for new installations and services up front.  We make it easy to secure financing.  There’s no need to put off necessary upgrades with our convenient plans available. 


Benefits of Financing HVAC Service & Installation


  • Save on your energy bill –  New equipment is usually much more energy efficient than an older system.  Many customers report immediate savings on their energy bills the first month after a new install.


  • Health benefits – An old system could be reducing the quality of your indoor air.  This could lead to dry, itchy skin, allergic reactions or even worsened ashtma.  Financing a new system or repairing a malfunctioning system can lead to health benefits for your family.


  • Save the money for other unexpected emergencies – Let’s all be honest – unexpected things always occur at the worst times.  Instead of using your savings for a costly new system or repair, you can save it for the next unexpected expenditure.  If your car breaks down or your sewer lines back up, you can rest easy knowing that you can cover it.